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Gazala Automation Services

G.A.S (Gazala Automation Services)

G.A.S  (Gazala Automation Services)

GAS is one of Gazala Steel Fabrication services, which offers technical solutions and services for instrumentation and control systems covering a wide range of industries and applications including the following services:

Automation Solutions:

We offer turnkey integrated industrial automation solutions based on state-of-the art PLC and SCADA technologies for a wide range of industrial automation applications.

Electrical & Control Panels:

Design and assembly of control panels, distribution boards, low voltage Motor Control Centers (MCC) for our own projects and as an independent service for our clients.

Embedded Systems:

Design and implementation of embedded systems for our own projects and as an independent service for our clients. Our automation solutions are based on standard and open products avoiding any proprietary solutions in order to simplify the integration with other existing systems and future expansions on the plant floor and with enterprise level applications and systems including reporting and planning tools. Our ability to build the electrical and control panels complements our Automation solutions services and reassures the quality of our product while giving our product a high level of flexibility. GSF aims for its automation services to be the preferred industrial automation solutions provider with our existing and potential customers and markets by delivering optimal solutions and maintaining presale and after sales support.


We customize the HMI as per the project/customer requirements, our engineers design the HMI graphics in accordance with our customer’s ease and we take care to cater all the interfaces required for communication with Management Information Systems and Maintenance Management software or connectivity to our client IT Infrastructure. Our ability, knowledge and experience are our backbone to design a system fulfilling present requirements and future expansion of the plant.

● Industrial Automation Solutions 

  •  Turnkey Plc/Scada Solutions


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