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Purchasing, Procurement & Supply Chain Our supply chain network includes not just to provide raw materials, or turn those raw materials into intermediate products - it also involves the coordination and integration between the procurement - warehouses - production - planning and marketing departments in order to reduce costs at the level of one system Quality Support Reduce the risk of waste in order to achieve customer satisfaction at the end and get a product of the right quality and the right cost as quickly as possible.

Our entire supply chain ends at the point where the customer exchanges money for the final product, good or service.

  • - Execution
  • - Monitoring & Control
  • - Planning

GSF has undergone a severe reorientation and development of its purchasing department to go step by step towards the supply chain cycle / system , this is to move from regional manufacturing to global manufacturing.

GSF is strives to develop and support their procurement department and aimed to reach to the complete efficient integration between procurement, warehouse, production and logistics, which will in turn lead to better management of local purchasing cycle and the expansion to the global market to exceed customer satisfaction.