Since 2007, Gazala Steel Fabrication has positively contributed in elevation of standards of production of Semi-Trailers currently available in the market. Our focus is to constantly improve our trailers to be most efficient, proficient, and utmost reliable on the road. Focusing on combining technology into our manufacturing processes, to develop next-generation concepts for durability and endurance. Gazala become among top 10 fast growing trailer manufacturers in Egypt. Today, we are market leaders in Designing and Fabricating of diversified types of Semi-trailers to serve Transportation Industry daily/ rapidly increasing needs. GSF is a leading Semi-trailers manufacturer, including but not limited to:

  • - Low Bed and Flatbed trailers
  • - Rear and Two Box Tippers
  • - Tanker and Container
  • - Semi Trailers and Cement Silo Semi-Trailers”.

In parallel GSF supports Semi-trailers manufacturing sector with a comprehensive Maintenance program that enhances its’ reliability on roads. GSF has established a direct communication with SSAB to upgrade our semi trailers design specially Double box Tipper and Rear Tippers using Hardox and StenX. Semi Trailers upgrade advantages:

  • - Weight Reduction.
  • - Less Workmanship.
  • - Less Maintenance time.
  • - More Life Time.
  • - More Attracting and Unique design on Egyptian Market.