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In GSF we consider the Quality of packaging for shipping of any shipment is as important as any other process during the production of our products since the final result of a product as it reaches the customer is what matters the most.

Accordingly, we have a very strict packaging shipping procedure and work instructions and international standards such as ASTM D 3591 “Packing and shipment for commercial transport” to avoid any damage that may occur during transportation and guarantee that the shipment conforms with the domestic and international shipping regulations depending on the destination of each shipment.

GSF Logistics team is qualified and trained with proven experience as a part of our mother company SESCOTRANS for Developed Logistics which is our specialty not to mention that we have several contracts all over Egyptian Governorates and in several foreign countries including but not limited to USA (Port of Houston), Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE, South Korea, etc.. in which we were responsible for the packaging and shipping to the customers’ destination.