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Gazala core business has always been structural steel, semi-trailers and mechanical handling equipment fabrication and our fully equipped workshop has the capacity to undertake large fabrication projects. Gazala Steel Fabrication has more than 10 years’ experience in heavy and light steel fabrication. We have manufactured oil & gas, agriculture, Cement and mining industries with great success. Since 2007, GSF has proved itself as a reliable partner for the establishment of industrial activities. Ever since, our main strategy has and will continue to meet our mission, vision and the global demand as well especially that of heavy industrial projects. Our focus remains to furnish specialized support to heavy process plants with extensive steel fabrication capabilities (18,000 Ton/Annually including Structural Steel and plate works) through its factory facilities based in New-Damietta, Egypt.

All manufacturing / fabrication processes are done based on detailed drawings received from the Engineering phase of each project and approved by the client for construction.

Our pre-fabrication works are carefully designed to minimize any required site modifications or fabrication works. All materials are delivered with appropriate tags to aid identification and ready to install, thus minimizing workspace required and idle time for the erection crew.

We believe using the right tools for every activity not only saves time, but also ensures the project is delivered safely and the quality of the finished product is not compromised in any form. Notable equipment in our arsenal includes Controlled Numeric Cutting (CNC) & drilling machines for plates (Oxyacetylene, Plasma & High Definition Plasma), profiles and pipes, Sub-arc welding machines, heavy duty rolling machines, dome pressing and flanging machine, various overhead and heavy-duty cranes for lifting and miscellaneous operations.

Our Fabrication shop that covers an area of 48,000 SQM, is built with the most moderated Equipment and facilities to cover all client requirements with the following Services:


In addition of prefabrication shop GSF also is equipped with machining shop to cover all mechanical items and machining required to complete the needed scope of work (Lath machines, milling machines, drilling machines, …….).

Cutting & Preparation:

produce the most accurate and quality products. Our Pre-Fabrication shop is fully equipped with the most required machines to cover each detail to be fabricated in-house (shear cutting Machines, Hydraulic Bend Machines, CNC plasma machines, Semi-Automatic Cutting Machine, Rolling Machines, Hydraulic Punching Machine, ….. ).

Assembly & Welding

GSF has a large assembly area ‘covered and uncovered’ to accommodate all kind of steel products, also our welding lines and machine are existed to reach quality standards (Welding beam machine line, semi-automatic Sub-merged welding machine, Co2 Welding machines...