Gazala Steel Fabrication (GSF) is a SESCO Trans subsidiary that introduced its› services to Steel fabrication market in 2007. We are striving to lead steel fabrication market. We are determined to success and to maximize the value provided to our partners both in Egypt and in the MENA Region. Since steel is majorly a support component, we raise to your trust and support your investments which allows us together to aim for a better future, better environment and to achieving the great success we all look for. We are addicted to perfection, as the only requirement and the major standard we target. That’s why we have carefully designed a whole work culture and attitude centered around agility, precision, attention to details, reliability and environmentally friendly manufacturing. GSFoffers a wide range of diversified products that meet clients› requirements , products include but not limited to Structural Steel, Semi-Trailers, Conveyor Belts, Packing Machines, Vibrating Screens…etc. that serve several industries e.g. Construction, Power, Oil & Gas, Cement and aggregate, Chemical, Petro Chemical and Transportation ” with an annual production capacity that exceeds 18,000 Tons.